How music can bring your remote team closer together

company jukebox

Has your remote work become just that? Work. And nothing else?

What happened to all the fun conversations you used to have at the office?

Like when you hear a song on the radio and start talking about a fun thing that particular song made you remember.

These small things are important for bringing the people on your team closer together (which makes them work better together).

And they don’t happen very often when you work from home because “scheduling time to be spontaneous” just doesn’t work.

But you make them happen in an asynchronous way!

Here’s how you make it happen using Slack, Spotify and Zapier

1. Create a shared playlist in Spotify

Shared playlist

2. Create a channel in Slack called “#social-music”

(Copy and paste this instruction into the channel description)

Learn something new about each other.

- Subscribe to this shared playlist: <YOUR_SHARED_PLAYLIST_LINK>
- Add a song to it

- You can only add two tracks each week
- You can't say anything negative about the songs
- Add a personal comment about the song (optional)

Then replace the with the link to the shared playlist.

Copy playlist

3. Connect your Spotify and Slack account in Zapier

🔗 ZAPIER: Social music - Get to know each other through music

4. Then one last thing

Now all you need to do is to add two songs yourself, write a little about each one so people can see how it works.

Then tell your team about it!

PS: The nice thing about this is when you DO meet each other, you have a “juke box” that can play in the background. One that reflects your team! No need to hire a DJ!