Are we right for each other?

Are you “figuring things out” or are you “making it happen”? This is usually a more important question to know the answer to when hiring than “how many years should the person have in X programming language”.

Who am I?

  • X number of years of experience in programming language Y.
  • Multi-tasker with attention to detail
  • DevOps full stack engineer with design skills (you actually want an entire IT department) etc
  • All these things are usually what you find in a job description.

But the most important thing that is missing which is: how well the person aligns with the phase your company is in.

This is when I am a good match for you

Are you “figuring things out” or are you “making it happen”?

Any project follows this pattern. First you have to figure things out. Then you make that happen. I am really good at working with very little information to figure out what we are supposed to make happen.

Who am I?

Typical examples places where you are figuring things out

  • Startups
  • Projects that have just started
  • Projects that have previously failed
  • Projects that are taking to long time (aren’t they all)

Is the competence spread unevenly in your team?

Many projects start out with a few very experienced developers, producing at a high speed. Both because of the lack of technical debt and the fact that they are experienced.

Then you start hiring junior developers from within your organisation or bring on new employees and end up with a big gap in competence between the original team and the new employees. And being an experienced developer doesn’t mean they will be able to level up the new members of the team.

What I help with

I help move the competence in the team to be more in line with the experienced developers.

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